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My name is Harvey Westerman and I am the founder and director of Westerman Property Sourcing LTD. I founded the company in mid 2023, and we are based in the South East of the UK.


I've always had a passion for property and helping other people, so our mission at Westerman Property Sourcing is to find fantastic property investments for our investors, and to make the acquisition of these investments as seamless as possible ensuring a healthy return on investment with every property. 


What we do

We work with property investors who have a specific property investment criteria, as well as those with no preference. We offer bespoke property sourcing for those who know exactly what they're after, as well as a mailing list for our investors with less of a preference, which gives them instant access to our best property deals.


Making property investor's lives easier is what we specialise in. We carry out the full process from property research, all the way to putting the offer forward and introducing the investor to the seller, landlord or agent.


If you’re looking to acquire your first or your next next property investment hassle free, get in touch with us today. We can have a discussion about how we can help you add to, and grow your property investment portfolio, or even get your very first property investment and start building your wealth!

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Lets work together and build your wealth! 

You can also email or whatsapp us with your property search criteria.

+44 7766701807

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