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Services and investment types

Investor list

If you have no specific preference for property investment types, you can join our investor list and receive our top property investment opportunities through our bi-weekly email.


By joining, you will have early access to any new investment deals we offer, allowing you to express your interest promptly.

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Bespoke sourcing

Our investors can reap the rewards of our bespoke sourcing service. This involves us collecting information about your specific property investment requirements, and subsequently finding a property that aligns with your criteria.


In case you're uncertain about your preferences, we can provide guidance on the most suitable property investment options based on your current circumstances.


To share your property investment criteria with us, simply click the button below and send us an email containing all your requirements.

Below market value to rent

At Westerman Property Sourcing, we skillfully negotiate reduced purchase prices with sellers and estate agents, aiming to secure an outstanding return on investment (ROI) for our investors.


Additionally, we take measures to enhance the likelihood of successful rental of the property.


Whilst we can't guarantee that a property will rent out as estimated, as investments inherently involve some level of risk, we mitigate this by conducting comprehensive due diligence on both the property and its location.


Through this diligent process, we arrive at highly probable conclusions regarding the figures and rental potential.

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Rent-to-rents are a great way to control property without owning it. This way you can generate a passive monthly cash flow.


We source ideal properties for this investment strategy from landlords and eststate agents in prime locations.


Whether it's a rent-to-housing of multiple occupancy, or rent-to-serviced accommodation, with our thorough due diligence methods, we will ensure you get a great property investment deal.

Refurbishment projects

If you're looking for properties in need of a light or full refurbishment, we will find the ideal project for you and also put you in touch with a team of professionals to take care of the project for you.


We source below market value properties to make sure you get a great return on investment.

Switching Roofs
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